Guys, Utherwasntallthatbad just gave me the most amazing idea ever.

The only problem is that it’s a whole goddamn project of awesomeness, but we have 13 days to accomplish it.

Do you think we, as the Tony Head fandom can spread the word fast enough and act quick enough to do this?

Yes? Good, so Utherwasntallthatbad messaged me with an idea to make something that would cheer him up when he’s had a bad day, or when he’s not got any work on, as he always says he feels like he’ll never get work again when he’s waiting for his next job.

So, what if we make a collection of messages and thank yous and stories about how much better he had made our lives and how he has touched our lives and curate them on a blog that we give him the link to?

And then I realised, in less than 2 weeks I am meeting him. What if we collect a load of messages NOW and I put them in a nice book with the URL in the front cover to give to him at Cardiff Comic con so that he has a physical thing to look at and cheer him up?

So check out the new project blog and submit your messages, don’t forget to sign off with your name or pseudonym and make sure they are only text (links are ok, pictures aren’t)

Each message will get it’s own page in the book so feel free to go on for as long as you like. I’ll work out a date by which messages will only show up on the blog and not go in the book nearer to the end of the month.

Now go forth and spread the word. This will only work if the word gets out quickly and people take part.

So, Giles fans, feel like telling Anthony how much he has impacted your life?


It’s the most wonderful time of the year again!!!  Summer of Giles is coming.  Be sure to stop by and claim your days.  Our favorite Watcher needs our love.  Sign-ups start April 15th!

I highly recommend taking a look, or even better, taking part!


It’s the most wonderful time of the year again!!!  Summer of Giles is coming.  Be sure to stop by and claim your days.  Our favorite Watcher needs our love.  Sign-ups start April 15th!

I highly recommend taking a look, or even better, taking part!

The ASH Fan Directory Project


Calling all fans of Anthony Head!

I’ve had another of my trademarked crazy ideas. I’m going to use this blog to create a directory of Anthony Head fans. Don’t worry, the birthday competition will still exist and will be hosted here throughout February  but for the other eleven moths of the year I’ll be encouraging you to introduce yourselves to the fandom. Find new friends or just new blogs to follow.

Below the cut is a rough template for your submission. Feel free to ask me any questions you may have.

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I can see Giles with a Skip-It. It goes terribly.


Everyone is amazing here.



Ladies, Gentlemen and other awesome Tumblr dwellers, welcome to ASHBD2014!

So, you may have heard of ASHBD2013, if not, no worries, I’ll go thorough it all again as there have been some changes in how this works to streamline things.

The ASHBD Project is a fan project to celebrate Anthony Heads birthday. It comes in two parts, like a card and a present. The video, where fans send in either written or recorded messages for Anthony and the Gift, where fans donate to charity in his honour.

The Video - This is a part anyone can take part in, you can either record a message for Tony or you can write one, the recorded messages must be under 45 seconds per speaking person (but if you go a little over don’t worry, I’m fine with giving people a few seconds extra so they can say their part) and written messages must be under 50 words (again if you go a little over it’s no problem) and if you are unsure about your English skills, don’t worry, I check spelling and grammar and fix any mistakes before putting the message in the video. Send your messages, written or recorded, to me at

The Gift - This is a part less accessible to everyone (yet strangely got the biggest response last year). The charity we are raising money for this year is Doris Banham Dog Rescue, a charity that rescues dogs that are going to be put to death in dog pounds and then re-homes them. Anthony and his partner Sarah are patrons of this charity and Sarah asked us to raise money for them. To donate go to our Just Giving page so all of our donations can be totted up and put in the video for Tony to see.

Thanks for reading and I hope you take part!

Important links:

Official Doris Banham Dog Rescue Website

Our Just Giving Page

ASHBD Facebook

ASHBD Twitter

So, this is to celebrate Anthony Heads 60th birthday, anyone want to help make it magical?


Gratuitous Giles admiration.


He needs more than one word, anyway.

Rupert Giles, season four.

(Source: romantictendencies)

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